8 Vegan Foods That Are Great to Help Prevent Anxiety!

As a very anxious person, I am always on the market looking for anything that has mental health benefits. I have been reading countless articles promoting milk, salmon, and other animal products as great ways to prevent anxiety. So, I compiled my own list of foods, with facts to back them up, that are known to carry components that support healthy brain function, resulting in possible anxiety prevention.

So, let’s get to the list.

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The Reasons I Went Vegan and Why You Should Too

Before I Was Introduced to Veganism

I was always an animal lover. At a young age, I spent a lot of my free time outside playing with stray cats, bringing them into my home, and trying to help animals in need as much as I could. I spent a lot of my younger days loading up on cheese and drinking glasses of milk with a lot of my meals (my grandparents told me it would make me strong).

It wasn’t until high school when I joined a group that taught us about eco-friendliness and where our food actually comes from, that I realized animal products weren’t for me, or for any of us on that matter.

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10 Simple Essential Oil Recipes You Need To Try!

Diffusing Essential Oils

essential oil diffuser.jpg

         I don’t know about you personally, but I use my Essential Oil Diffuser DAILY. I love this thing. In my workspace and in my bedroom, I find it absolutely necessary to create a space where I feel calm and collected. Whether you are stressed, anxious, or have a headache, I have a perfect and simple recipe for you.

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A Beginners Guide to Sustainable Fashion.

A stunning closet with a reduced environmental footprint.

 Kelly De Foreest – September 5, 2018recycle cloth picture


What is sustainable fashion?

In a world where over consumption has become the normal, it is crucial for you and I to become more aware of what we are doing to the planet when we buy our products. Sustainable fashion has hit countless headlines and it may have left you with one question…

“What is it?”

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