A Journey to Minimalism.

I have always been a person that has “shopped till I dropped”.

That is until I grew older and began to educate myself on my environmental footprint, and what that meant for the world I live in.

I discovered minimalism through the internet of course. I found myself bingeing on youtube videos, and I became obsessed with the idea of bringing some of these tips into my own living space.

I started with my basic belongings.

I asked myself, “Does this item bring me happiness…Is it still functional?…How long have I been holding onto this?”

Those three questions helped me tremendously, and I found myself with a HUGE pile of things that I felt I didn’t need. A lot of the items were in great condition, so I donated some, posted others on online platforms to be sold, and other things were so old that it was time for them to hit the bin (which was my last option).


I then went through all of my dresser and did the same thing with all the drawers which included my hoarder style makeup drawer. I had so much stuff!

The minute those things were out of my living space, I had a huge weight come off of my shoulders that I didn’t even know existed. Even though I got a lot of things out of my home, I am still left with so many things that I could go without, which is why I’ve vowed to not buy any new clothing, makeup, furniture, etc.. until I really NEED something. If my pants are falling apart, of course I will treat myself to a new pair. The next pair though, will definitely be a conscious purchase and I will buy from an ethical source.

I really advise anyone and everyone (you) to look around your living space and as yourself if you really NEED everything you own. LESS IS MORE!

Through my journey through minimizing my belongings, I have become less stressed than I ever have been. My space feels open and welcoming and it’s really nice to not be spending money on new things I really don’t even need.

I hope that this quick read really gets you to think about all the things you purchase and own. I feel that most of us have WAY more than we really need and living more simply leads to happier and healthier lives.

If you are already someone who has minimized, or if you are currently considering starting your journey, I would LOVE to hear about it.

Stay positive!

xoxo, Kelly.